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We have met many barriers in traditional way to develop customer. Passive way to get customer like trade platform,exhibition,offical web SEO/SEM and social medial operation, they all need group to pay much attention and cost to operate. Among them,social media operation, will often meet the problem that account ban off and suspend, advertising restrictions, and inability to contact customers. So do you want to break up this limit? we try to use techmology, through the most popular social network, to crawl competitors' interactive customers and contact, so how HaGro help you penetrate this market by low cost ways, to do precise and active marketing?

"HaGro,is a new way to get customer. It capture interactive customer from competitor facebook and linkedin page in few minutes.you will get more data like:name,address, company,position,email, consult content and product. by our AI technology, to get more contact way easily, matching with online chat to communicate directly. Also have CRM and EDM system, to let our salesperson, more convenient to management and marketing customer.Feature of customers developmrnt through HaGro:have related or same product needs at the moment, product profit and production capacity are most matched,and each potential customer we wil provide their inquiry time line on social media, so it will be more precise to develop and conversion rates will be higher. "

"HaGro, have big data analysis system, we can better understand our own favorable market and competitor market. Understand current maket trades and needs, Help companies do social media big data research. By the way, it is equipped with a variety of AI functions and golbal customs data, to get more channels to explore potential customers and business opportunities. "

"If you are export B2B、trader,factory,independent web、cross border e-commerce, Amazon shop,game APP,brand has a global business,government industry base,industry association,join us to create an explosive growth! Today, you will discover there have cheapest way to get a massive amount of potential customer who are interested in your product."

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